What is a cash advance?

A cash advance (also called a payday loan) is a short-term financial loan. It is a quick, easy and confidential way to get cash.

How do I qualify for a payday loan?

You would only need a couple of things: Open and active checking account for at least one month. Full time employment or government income for at least two months. To view a full list of qualifications, please visit our How It Works section.

How much of a payday loan can I get?

In Michigan, you will be able to apply for a payday loan from $25.00 to $600.00 based on your income. The amount you will be qualified for will be determined by the information you provide Instant Cash & Access 2 Cash.

What types of fees are applicable and how much are they?

Our fee for a cash advance is based on a $100 rolling structure fee. For a complete fee breakdown, please refer to our cash advance fee schedule.

Can I still get a payday loan if I have bad credit?

YES!! Good credit history is not required to obtain an advance.

How soon can I receive my payday loan?

The process will take about 15-20 minutes. Upon approval, you will then walk out with your money the same day!

How do I repay my payday loan?

It’s simple; you have the choice to pay with cash, cashiers check or a money order.

Is my payday loan secure and confidential?

Yes, we have the highest standards. We do not disclose your information other than what is required to obtain approval.

How is my re-payment due date calculated?

Typically, all cash advances are due on your next payday, based on your income.

Can I pay my loan back early?

Yes, you can pay back your loan anytime up to your due date. Also, if you pay your loan within one business day, you will not be charged the fees with your loan.

After my existing payday loan is paid, how soon after can I apply for another payday loan?

You can apply for a payday loan the same day.

Why choose a payday loan over other alternatives?

Because it is quick, easy and confidential, and can be much cheaper than NSF fees, late payment fees and credit cards fees.

Are there any application or processing fees?

There are no application or processing fees. The fees are regulated by the State of Michigan and are the only fees you will be charged for the loan.  There is also a returned check fee and a fee for entering into an extended payment plan you may also be charged depending upon the circumstances of your transaction.

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Instant Cash and Access 2 Cash want you to be treated fairly throughout the entire payday loan process. All stores are licensed in the State of Michigan. Additionally, as a member of the CFSA we abide by responsible industry practices that ensure customers understand the cost and risk of short-term payday loans to facilitate the best financial decisions. Should you have any questions, complaints, or concerns, please contact us toll-free at 855-252-4244. The Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) was established in 1999 as the national organization for small dollar, short-term lending or payday loans. The CFSA works to promote laws and regulations that balance strong consumer protections while preserving access to short-term credit for millions of Americans.

CUSTOMER NOTICE: There are a wide variety of loan products available in the marketplace, so your choice of lending products should match your financial needs. Small-dollar loans used over a long period of time can be expensive.